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  • Shaleena Campbell

HDC wins 'Ground Breakers Award'

Harlem Fashion Week honored The Harlem Dress Collective alongside fashion pioneers such as (Coty Award-winning designer) Jeffrey Bank, (award-winning journalist) Constance White, and The Harlem Haberdashery family.

Receiving the Fashion Ground Breaker Award was unimaginable to us as HDC is an up and coming organization. Being recognized for using fashion to uplift the youth in the Harlem Community is a great accomplishment for us and we thank Harlem Fashion Week for the opportunity.

On stage accepting our award with HFW founder Tandra Brikett

After flying in from Syracuse the previous night, we started our day with a morning of beauty, getting our nails and makeup done. However, this turned into a disaster for me, as my makeup turned out two shades too light. You can only imagine the panic that set in as it grew closer and closer to the event time.

Unskilled in the artistry of makeup, in efforts to salvage my $60 beat, I called my close friend Taylor over to work her magic on my face, but I grew impatient waiting for her to come so I WIPPED 85% of my makeup off. Leaving only my eyeshadow and eyebrows done.

w/ mom front row at HFW

As scary as that was for me, being that I would be photographed a 100 times that night I felt much happier and comfortable without the full face of makeup, acne scars showing and all. Several other mishaps later and we arrive at the fabulous event and have a magical night. Looking and feeling great we mix and mingle with many fashion icons and Harlem figures.

w/ Eila Mell, coauthor of “Project Runway”

HFW Season 6 was a night to remember for both me Zina and I. It was a glimpse into our future to what The Harlem Dress Collective can be if we continue to work hard and stick to our goal of lowering prom cost in the Harlem community.

w/ Marci Rodgers- Costume Designer “The Black Klansman”


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