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  • Shaleena Campbell

Get to know the Co-Founders

Shaleena Campbell

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi 

I desperately wanted to get this phrase tattooed in high school as I believed that change starts from within. As a senior in college, you’ll be happy to know, I never got that tatted but I still heavily believe in its meaning and try to implement in my everyday life from my schoolwork to relationships. Starting the Harlem Dress Collective has been one way I’ve tried to make a change in the Harlem Community. As prom continues to get more and more stressful/competitive, I strive to combat the price of prom, making it an affordable occasion for all!

Zina Campbell

A week before my senior prom, I was left devastated when the prom dress I ordered online was too long, too big, and too ugly. Between the cost of drastic alterations and a strict no-return policy, I was almost left with no option but to skip prom. Fortunately, a few days before the big day, I was invited to a small prom dress giveaway held in a random woman’s apartment. In her bathroom, I tried on the dress I would eventually wear to prom. For me, that experience transformed the way I thought of prom and the taxing experience leading it up to it. Which is why I sought to co-create HDC, to give other girls the transformative experience of choosing a cost-effective method of attending prom.

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