All in a Day’s Work

Post from founders Zina and Shaleena:

We have been working hard to create promotional material for our drive. This includes hanging up flyers around the Harlem area. (Check one of them out on 125th street and Lenox!) With starting this venture we knew there would be challenges made but who would have thought they woulda started so quickly.  On our first voyage out to hang flyers, we noticed that our flyer had a typo after we had already printed and started hanging them up. LOL, we had left out the word prom, THE WHOLE POINT OF OUR ORGANIZATION.

Our first instinct was, hey people will just understand what we mean because there is a prom dress as the background of the flyer.  After having a conversation with a passerby, who kept repeatedly asking what type of dresses are we looking for? We realized it would be better for us to include the word prom so there would be no confusion.

We quickly fixed the typo and re-printed the flyer then to only be caught in the RAIN. And all of our work be destroyed LML.


Lessons of the week:

-Have others who aren’t associated with your event read the flyer to make sure it’s understandable.

-Check the weather :’-)

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